Monday, December 1, 2008

Par ab

Taj* ki lau se seene me jali, ye wo mashale hain,
Garm rakh pe bond giri aur khaak ban gayi,
Par ab ye lahu ki boonde maun na hone paengi.

Farsh pe bikhre kaanch ke tukdo se jude wo irade hai,
Macha desh me shor aur atanki charo ore hain,
Par ab hum majboot irado se fir aman failaenge.

Ummeedo ka jhonka, ek nayi saans fir laega,
Armano ke sagar* me ek kali naav* wo aayi thi,
Par ab ye aankh ka pani wahi naav dubaega,

Har aah ka aesa hisab chukana hai,
Har baar bas, dharna dekar hum so jate hai,
Par ab hathiyar na sahi, drad nischey kaam laenge.

Hausla hai ek din fir jevan hum paenge,
Bhet hai ye kisi karmveer ki*, uska karaz chukana hai,
Par ab kuch taro ke liye bhi karna hai, amar har pal yunhi unhe

Aj jo toota hai use kal hum fir banaenge,
Yahi soch kar barso se, pachtate aaye hain,
Par ab ye tuti deeware hum unse* hi banwaenge.

My heart goes out to all those who laid their lives, and I wish that such a thing never repeats.

Taj* : Hotel Taj in Mumbai, one of the attack sites.
Armano ke sagar* : The city of dreams, Mumbai.
kali naav* : Boat that the terrorists used.
karmveer ki* : A lot of people, the NSG, fire fighting squad, BEST bus drivers and all the others involved in the operation.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Big Bang

Every blast that takes place leaves a scar on one’s mind. And a certain degree of familiarity with the affected place makes it even worse. Its no longer some unknown part on the map that was hit but a place you regularly visit, a place you know.That park, that pizza joint, that pan shop announced on the television screens suddenly make so much sense.Its a scary feeling of almost being a victim. Something similar was the experience as it was splashed on the TV screens that blasts occurred at Connaught Place (aka CP). Having shifted to Gurgaon, a couple of months back, CP has been one of our closest links to the the capital. A place where we held numerous meetings, it was normal to visit CP 2-3 times a week. Also acting as our chill out zone, CP was the place to be after a hard day’s (rather a hard week’s work).

Having said that, now lets come to a more significant discussion, and that is, will we be able to recover from this jolt. Lets find the answers to them, and to find the answers lets turn a few pages and go to middle section of our history books. Do you recollect something, a country tormented by attacks from all directions, a country harrassed from all directions by people who after trying their best to make a hole in the heart of the nation, succeeed only in making a hole in their spirits. Yes we were often defeated, we were often ruled upon,and often came to the brink of extinction, but no, that brink never reached. Each time we gathered our spirits and were ready to spring back. The history books tell us, we will recover, there is no doubt about that. So lets look up again guys and be as solid as we have always been.

- Rahul & Gaurav

Friday, June 27, 2008

The Woeful RCOm

Dear Mr. Anil Ambani,

This letter is to bring to your notice the opinions and views of my fellow countrymen , we all think that your rcom, touted as the best cdma provider sucks bigtime.
Its not my personal opinion and i have no grudges against you, but there are just a few things that i wish to bring to your notice,

- Your network is pathetic, connectivity is horrible and the sound quality is funny.
- The customer care is of no good and you can as well do away with it, it will surely help in cutting the cost which you can then use to set up better infrastructure.
- The basic services of receiving international SMS , is missing in the list of services that your company supposedly offers.
- ECHO: The basic services of receiving international SMS , is missing in the list of services that your company supposedly offers. ECHO OFF
gosh thats outrageous. how can a phone not receive SMS.

Having said that, I'm sure Mr. Ambani himself doesn't use an RCOm connection. 'Coz its impossible to communicate using it.
Secondly, does it really make sense to spread your wings when you already know that you haven't stabilized well in the earlier flight.
Few frustrated irked souls who have mouthed their woes , im just bring them together.

Warm Regards,
Rahul Tyagi.

PS: on second thougts i know its tough to handle such a vast business empire, but did i hear u were planning to produce movies with speilberg ? Well go for it, its a good move, for blooywood !! god save speilberg.

Friday, May 9, 2008

MOther's Day

come on- she says , to the sun ...
i will save you from all the burns .
who wud do it for you, with a smile
what she does for you all her life ...

who is she to you , all your life you wonder,
why wud she burn for you, do you surrender,

the god that god sent to the earth,
and the shadow that u got on birth.
a smile that follows you around,
and a glare that keeps you sound.

who is she to you , all your life you wonder,
why wud she burn for you, do you surrender,

feeds you thoughts for life, gives you all your sights.
shows you how to speak , she tells you how to smile,
cud your learn without her, could you have a walk,
when you feared the nite , in her arms you wud sob.

who is she to you , all your life you wonder,
why wud she burn for you, do you surrender,

now u know the world, and now its your turn,
now its the same sun and your chance to burn,
do it for her as she did for you this way,
wish her all the love on this mother's day.

who are you to her, let your self wonder...
wud u burn for her, don't wink, just surrender...

Poem by Rohini

This is a dedication to all my friends with whom I grew up and also to my friends’ friends whom I may have not know. We all at some point ‘Fell in Love’. Few kept it in their hearts, few confessed, some hearts broke and some mended again. And there are some who still Dream. For all you guys – You have lived!!!! - Rohini

You must have been a morning star
You must have come a long way
Or did you fall for me
Tell me you haven’t come the wrong way

There is some magic in your hands
And it is speaking to my skin
But I am speechless on your stage
Coz I think you fell for me

There is some magic in your eyes
And I am feeling in my knees
But I am blinded by your flames
Coz I think you burn for me

Can I hold you for a while?
I will not stop you when you leave
Coz I know you will fall again
I dream, next time for me

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Neat Whiskey / Dirty Socks

This is a story of a boy who began his journey to an unknown world. Of the fears that he carried from home, the horror stories about ragging that were so deeply rooted in his mind that ghosts haunted his dreams and chased him all night.
The story entails the ups and downs that he went through. It Spans an age that saw him transform, transform from a young adolescent kid to a dauntless man. A man that was ready to take on the world, a man who had the attitude to take the world in his stride. Only that we don't write about the future in our story,
We ruminate on the glorious past and pay tribute to the place that has made enough space in his heart to last for a life time.
We cherish the company of his friends, who more than just friends had made an ever lasting impact on his senses. Without whom it now appears impossible for him to be happy again, friends who like the carvings in the wall had carved out a place in his heart, a place that can only be filled by two things, them friends or those memories, that'll always accompany him, wherever he goes.
Before its gets too sad, and before the sadness of the hour takes over the joyous memories, we stop writing any further.
Spare a thought Write a Lot.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

I think I'm in love again ,
And I think its you again. ...

What is joy, without you
what is love, if not you….

Song for all in love and a devotion from your heart for the one you love beyond all reasons,


Sorry forgot to mention the following names :

“Nothing But True” lyrics by Harshvardhan

Nothing But True
Singer: Kanika Arneja
Composer: Uday Shankar

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


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Phootage - Ifeel