Tuesday, January 19, 2010

G28 at Melbourne

The momentous day began with chins ever so high, lips curled into smiles, attire prim and walk surefooted, slowly they gathered, (some very experienced and the others slightly more), and made their way towards the theater. Responding amicably on being accosted by another unfamiliar face and almost forgetting the name of the first guy they met, still struggling to pronounce the names of atleast half of them, correctly, in one go.

This group could easily pass for a G28 delegation, discussing economic turbulence in the Sea of Tranquility. But that's not what they are doing, at least not right away. They are trying to get familiar to one another, so that the next year and a half becomes a pleasant bare footed walk on hot sand, ironic, isn't it? :) Well that's what they aim for.

Unfamiliarity of faces(& person
alities) will tend to create uneasiness, but the camaraderie of syndicates, might bridge those distances. Or atleast that's what we "Hope" ;) It Won't be wrong to say that the fear of unknown, apprehensions of unseen, and anticipation of both brings the class closer.

In all an excellent mix and a great learning opportunity.
Like, Toby they may or may not be good managers on graduating, they will certainly be better individuals, or won't they? Well, that's the "Concern".

A quick calculation in the class showed us that after spending time studying, sleeping, traveling, preparing etc, we will still be left with 6 hours every week. That's close to less than an hour each day. Not too sure how I will spend this daily quota of one hour, still baffled to know I no more have control over the remaining 23 hours.

So far so good, the course picks up in full swing from Monday. Syndicates have been allotted, some have been lucky, other not quite so ;) and as they say

"Chance favours the prepared mind"

Are we prepared? We better be!