Thursday, September 23, 2010

CWG A systematic Failure

I don't want to belabor on the point that the officials working towards making the games a success have failed miserably. A lot of obituary writers have done it already I need not waste my words and your time in saying it over again.

Personally, I do not know what went wrong and like all of you I would like an answer. But-not-now. Now is the time to stand behind those who are still trying to save some grace.

If we learn from history do we remember how many times we were embarrassed 'coz we were not united? No? Im sure you don't need a history lesson from me to remind you that we need to be united.

So I urge you all for a few days to do whatever you can to make these games a success. And you would say what can I possibly do? Well, I don't know, maybe if you are in Delhi, you can contribute by following traffic rules so that the visitors can move around comfortably(something you otherwise never think of doing!). You can try to keep the city clean(if you are so worried about our image to the outside world). I don't know, just do whatever you can which you think will make the games a success. And for God's sake stop criticizing the organizers.

I know its kind of hard to ask you for these big sacrifices, but it surely is easy to send the curator to the gallows but harder to follow some basic steps yourself.

And then a wise man once said, "tough times don't build a character, they reveal it!"

So guys relax, and trust me when I say, "All is well!"