Tuesday, August 28, 2007


if u can stand in crowd
and stiil be loud ..
if ur heart is crying
and the looks still deceive

if u can dream
and wake up for them
if u can aim ,
and laugh if u miss

if u can make a fren ,
and die so that he lives
if u can make an enemy ,
and have a heart to stop when he's down.

Then If u look back and see,
U see that the marks u made
were not a slave of time,
And the Words u left on sand,
were the friends of tides.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

What does freedom mean to me

Somebody once said,
"Freedom is nothing else but a chance to be better."

But alas,
Freedom to most of us has taken a meaning of Freedom to do anything , unwitting of the consequences that it has on others. For a small example , Freedom of speech to most of us
means the right to speak, overlooking the effects one small speech can have on the emotions of millions, Freedom doesnt allow us to vilify other faiths and religions, but allows us to
sprinkle the blessings of knowledge and love all around.
we have twisted the definition of freedom to serve us at all possible places and given us the prerogative to spurn invectives on the forces that look to quench this freedom.

On the contrary,
Freedom to us must mean an unlimited power to do good! Freedom to act in a way that makes us proud of our ephemeral stay when the swan sings the last sonnet of our lives.
Freedom to help a soul in need keping all impediments at bay. Freedom to die for a nation that made the man, in you, that you are so fond of. Freedom to live as though you would die
tomorrow and a freedom to die as though you lived forever. Freedom to choose the path your life takes , unaffected by the forces around. Freedom to enjoy your work without having to
prove your worth. In short a freedom to do what you like and then like what you do.
Freedom , to smile when the sun kisses the clouds leaving a rainbow of love all around. Freedom , to cheer when the rain pours, down the allays of the parched, burning soil. Freedom
to shed a tear when the heart leaps in joy.
Finally the onus is on us to interpret Freedom.