Tuesday, August 28, 2007


if u can stand in crowd
and stiil be loud ..
if ur heart is crying
and the looks still deceive

if u can dream
and wake up for them
if u can aim ,
and laugh if u miss

if u can make a fren ,
and die so that he lives
if u can make an enemy ,
and have a heart to stop when he's down.

Then If u look back and see,
U see that the marks u made
were not a slave of time,
And the Words u left on sand,
were the friends of tides.


RT said...

Kindly provide the ending!! Tho i have one in mind, but wud love to read your 4 lines on t he topic.

Jdlee said...

if u can cry for the agony of other
and die for the cause 'OURS'
if u can feel world is your home
and keep tri color in heart
Then Jor se Bolo 'VANDEMATRAM'


RT said...

Well Said sir :)

Lovesh said...

bhai... Don't ask me to give an ending to such a beautiful prose. Thrice i read this and all these times i was provoked by my thoughts to search for a beautiful ending. But i think some things sometimes have to be left for the audiences to decide about that.

RT said...

ok lovesh , thanx for the praise, but u cud have put in your input as well :) neways , cheers !!!

Angana said...

Dont halt or wait looking behind
ever charged by the destiny,
Trust yourself and beleive that
life is yours but lived for many.

Angana said...

Hey....what say?
had some other lines in mind
but saw that u had already added some new lines :)

**and ya, dont ask me what those lines really mean.....jotted down whatever i had in mind

Cheers :)