Friday, May 9, 2008

Poem by Rohini

This is a dedication to all my friends with whom I grew up and also to my friends’ friends whom I may have not know. We all at some point ‘Fell in Love’. Few kept it in their hearts, few confessed, some hearts broke and some mended again. And there are some who still Dream. For all you guys – You have lived!!!! - Rohini

You must have been a morning star
You must have come a long way
Or did you fall for me
Tell me you haven’t come the wrong way

There is some magic in your hands
And it is speaking to my skin
But I am speechless on your stage
Coz I think you fell for me

There is some magic in your eyes
And I am feeling in my knees
But I am blinded by your flames
Coz I think you burn for me

Can I hold you for a while?
I will not stop you when you leave
Coz I know you will fall again
I dream, next time for me


black betty said...

she is going to the unknown territory...not visible to me..[:)]....hehe...nice poem.....great way of expressing love....

Angana said...

Lovely poem..... Rohini !!