Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Big Bang

Every blast that takes place leaves a scar on one’s mind. And a certain degree of familiarity with the affected place makes it even worse. Its no longer some unknown part on the map that was hit but a place you regularly visit, a place you know.That park, that pizza joint, that pan shop announced on the television screens suddenly make so much sense.Its a scary feeling of almost being a victim. Something similar was the experience as it was splashed on the TV screens that blasts occurred at Connaught Place (aka CP). Having shifted to Gurgaon, a couple of months back, CP has been one of our closest links to the the capital. A place where we held numerous meetings, it was normal to visit CP 2-3 times a week. Also acting as our chill out zone, CP was the place to be after a hard day’s (rather a hard week’s work).

Having said that, now lets come to a more significant discussion, and that is, will we be able to recover from this jolt. Lets find the answers to them, and to find the answers lets turn a few pages and go to middle section of our history books. Do you recollect something, a country tormented by attacks from all directions, a country harrassed from all directions by people who after trying their best to make a hole in the heart of the nation, succeeed only in making a hole in their spirits. Yes we were often defeated, we were often ruled upon,and often came to the brink of extinction, but no, that brink never reached. Each time we gathered our spirits and were ready to spring back. The history books tell us, we will recover, there is no doubt about that. So lets look up again guys and be as solid as we have always been.

- Rahul & Gaurav

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