Friday, August 7, 2009

Smell! the fire.

While going through all the entries of MTS '09, and relishing and enjoying them, I suddenly got a feeling like the one you get when you smell foul rotten eggs, I thought something just got beyond its melting point. Its a Saturday morning, normally these experiences shroud your mind when you watch an RGV flick, but strangely, Saturday mornings are not the right time for his movies. It had to be something else.

What all could it be, my mind ran over a few things;

1. It could be the laptop processor giving up on me. But usually the mew pees aren't known for a slow swan death, but rather a fast almost like the string snapping pace. Could it be the laptop, possibly no, a laptop loaded with original windows, is incapable of doing anything on his own, even dying.
then what could it possibly be.

2. Could this possibly be coming from my drawer where I keep most of my unwashed linen. Well practically speaking yes it could, but living the way I have lived for years I know, such a smell comes only when you havent washed them for atleast a couple of month, and I have just got back from home last month, that means they have been washed lately. No, I strike it out.

3. Could this possibly be emanating from the neighboring room? Well, his love for cleanliness has never been a cause of concern, but sometimes when his socks stink, I would rather throw him out of the window with both hands than throw out the socks with 2 fingers. but as I move towards his room the smell dissipates a bit. Its coming from the opposite direction.

4. Oh freak, its the kitchen, stepping in I realize, that the milk I had kept on stove to boil for a couple of minutes has taken the hottest lesson of its life, and has been taking it for almost an hour now. The white of the milk has camouflaged with the black of the container, and a black crust now embellishes the utensil. Some of the embroidery has put a charm on the stove itself and most of the milk has transformed into either a black crust or colorless pungent vapors. On switching on, the exhaust refused to bring about any change.

It has been an hour since then and the smell persists, finally it wakes up naman who frowns in the most characteristic of fashions. and am wondering if they ever tried this on kumbhakaran, the war could have ended sooner with different results.

This also reminds me of an incident in college, when they went from room to room asking people to smell and find out whose pair of socks was it that lay on the stairway for a week. gross. ciao!

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Butterfly Effects said...

Yeah we all have gone through such experiences....but then unwashed clothes & socks.....eewwww :P